Iluka Residential Subdivision - Birrigan Iluka Beach

The Iluka residential estate is the last large residential land holding in the popular coastal village of Iluka, NSW. The Iluka village is located on the mouth and northern banks of the Clarence River and is bounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Iluka Nature Reserve and the Bundjalung National Park.

The residential estate is located directly adjacent to the Iluka Golf Course and is minutes from the village centre and associated facilities such as the bowls club, hotel and Clarence River Fisherman’s Co-operative.

Clarence Valley Council has issued consent approval for 140 residential allotments ranging in size from approximately 420m2 to 932m2.

The residential subdivision is located in proximity to regional national parks including the designated Gondwana Rainforests of Australia (Iluka Nature Reserve), World Heritage Property and National Heritage Place.

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Iluka Subdivision - Habitat Management Plan and Landscape Master Plan

Birrigan Iluka Beach is being developed through the following key statutory approvals;

  • Department of Environment and Energy (now Department of Water, Agriculture and the Environment) - Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cwth) (EPBC Act) - Controlled Action approval, EPBC2017/8003, dated 22 March 2019;
  • Clarence Valley Council - Development Consent approval, SUB2015/0034, dated 13 November 2019;
  • NSW Rural Fire Service Integrated Development Approval dated 29 August 2017.

The development is also being guided, managed and implemented through various management plans. Two important management plans for Birrigan Iluka Beach are the;

  • The Habitat Management Plan by JWA Pty Ltd dated July 2020.  The HMP has been prepared as two (2) volumes:
    N202001 FINAL HMP_Volume 1 (22.07.20) RW7,
    N202001 FINAL HMP_Volume 2 (22.07.20) RW7 Appendix 1 to 10,
    N202001 FINAL HMP_Volume 2 (22.07.20) RW7 Appendix 11.
  • The Habitat Management Plan was granted Ministerial approval on 3 August 2020; Approval Letter - 2017-8003 - Iluka Subdivision - HMP
  • The Habitat Management Plan has regard to the strategic location of Birrigan Iluka Beach, its proximity within the coastal village of Iluka and to the natural environment and landscape features of the ocean, the Clarence River and estuaries, the Gondwana Rainforest of Australia within the Iluka Nature Reserve, the listed World Heritage Property and National Heritage Place and the Regional Bundjalung National Park.
  • The Habitat Management Plan aims are - to ensure that vegetation clearing, and construction works within the Birrigan Iluka Beach footprint are completed with minimum environmental impact, and to develop conservation management objectives for the retained bushland within Lot 1 (the Community Property).

Landscape Masterplan By Moir Landscape Architects, dated 6 April 2018

  • The Landscape Masterplan identifies at a conceptual level the Birrigan Iluka Beach - street habitat corridors and linkages, street verge swale planting, street hierarchy and street treatment, and the pedestrian and cycle network.

Annual Habitat Monitoring Report

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